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NFT Projects

What is an NFT? Seriously.

About This Data

This dataset was created via Python using the requests, json, and pandas libraries. The information was pulled on January 16, 2022, and represents all time information for the top NFT collections. As an example, the Sales column represents all sales under a specified NFT collection from its creation up until January 16, 2022.

This data was scraped from https://coinmarketcap.com/nft/collections/

The data became available here

The dataset consists of the following information:

  • Index: The index of the file.

  • Name: The name of the NFT collection.

  • Volume: The volume of sales from the NFT collection in Solana (SOL).

  • Volume_USD: The volume of sales from the NFT collection in United States Dollar (USD).

  • Market_Cap: The market capitalization—total value of the collection's items in circulation—in Solana (SOL).

  • MarketCapUSD: The market capitalization—total value of the collection's items in circulation—in United States Dollar (USD).

  • Sales: The number of sales from the NFT collection.

  • Floor_Price: The lowest price of any NFT in the collection in Solana (SOL).

  • FloorPriceUSD: The lowest price of any NFT in the collection in United States Dollar (USD).

  • Average_Price: The average price of an NFT in the collection in Solana (SOL).

  • AveragePriceUSD: The average price of an NFT in the collection in United States Dollar (USD).

  • Owners: The number of owners of NFT's in the collection.

  • Assets: The number of items in the collection.

  • OwnerAssetRatio: The ownership percentage of all items in the collection.

  • Category: The category of the NFT collection.

  • Website: The associated website of the NFT collection.

  • Logo: The associated image of the NFT collection.

With this information, we hope to better understand what is going on in the NFT world. What projects are doing, how much they are selling for, how many people are buying them, etc. Understanding aspects of the crypto market can also help us understand where people’s money is going and why. From this, you can learn more about where to invest your money, or even what NFT project to create next!

Things to try in the data set:

Group Data

Roll data up into groups of values within a column to look for trends. Place groups inside of groups to drill down another level, then group again!

Filter Data

Use the filters to narrow down the file to the values that interest you most. Only show values that include, exclude, contain, or are greater than a value (to name a few). Then add another level of filtering with AND / OR logic to dive deeper.

Search Data

Not sure where to start? Use search to find values in the file and then go back and filter or group the entire data set down to just that value.

Top 10 Projects by Market Cap

Projects containing the Word "Crypto"

Projects with Highest Volumes

Data Highlights

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The top 5 projects with the most sales are as follows: 

  1. Megalodon Rogue Shark Tooth 

  2. Solameleon 

  3. PixTapes 

  4. Crypto Idolz - Butts 

  5. Skeleton Crew Skulls


Of the 592 projects in this dataset, 21 contain the word “Crypto” in the title.


The top 5 projects with the highest volumes are as follows: 1) basis.markets 2) Skeleton Crew Skulls 3) Flippies 4) Meerkat Millionaires Country Club 5) Stylish Studs 

Key Insights


Whether you were an early adopter in the crypto universe, or you are just now hearing about it, there is a lot going on (especially in today's economy) in the NFT world. According to Forbes:

 “An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos.

Although they’ve been around since 2014, NFTs are gaining notoriety now because they are becoming an increasingly popular way to buy and sell digital artwork. A staggering $174 million has been spent on NFTs since November 2017” (source). 

Additionally, with rising inflation, and generally economic uncertainty, we found it appropriate to provide the internet with some information on such projects.