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Share just the slice of data you want. 

Once you’ve got the data, you can easily save and share the results as a new file. Whether you are delivering a custom large data set to a customer, or working with an internal team, Gigasheet makes big data sharing easy.


Once the data is loaded, sharing and collaboration is easy. Work with colleagues within your organization, or securely share deliverables with clients. Repeat the same steps often? Save your filters to create templates that streamline repetitive workflows.

Automate and Collaborate On Big Data.

Saved Filters to make recurring analysis easy. 

Do you find yourself doing the same spreadsheet filters over and over on a refreshed version of the data? Saved Filters are for you! Apply complex logic to new data sets with just a click.

Collaborate internally or externally. 

Data can change hearts and minds, but not if it’s only available to you. Invite others to view your analysis and collaborate with shared folders in Gigasheet. Enterprise grade security allows you to control who can view and edit data, ensuring your file will remain intact.

Want to try some sample data? 

Be sure to check out the Data Community  to explore interesting, publicly available data sets.

Practical How-Tos so you can get started today.

How To

Export Data

Once you have searched, filtered, grouped, and enriched your data using Gigasheet, you are likely ready to export the file for use in another system. Exporting from Gigasheet is as easy as clicking a button.