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Advanced Filters. Easy Groups. Painless Pivots.

Gigasheet makes it easy to search and filter multi-million row data sets, without code or SQL. Easily bucket your results using groups and perform aggregate calculations with a click. 


Gigasheet makes data exploration and analysis easy, enabling anyone to get insights from massive data sets.

Insights in minutes without code or database setup.

Easily explore big data, hassle free.  

Gigasheet makes filtering, pivoting, and sorting multi-million row data sets quick and easy. Stack filters and apply complex logic to get down to the data you need.

Functions and Enrichments to get more from your data 

Functions are tools that allow you to transform entire columns in data. Split or, combine, cross-lookup, and analyze temporal patterns with no code or syntax to learn. Explore the full list! Enrichments incorporate 3rd party data to enhance your original file. 

Want to try some sample data? 

Be sure to check out the Data Community  to explore interesting, publicly available data sets.

Practical How-Tos so you can get started today.

How To

Create a Pivot Table

Creating a pivot table is easy in Gigasheet. Simply click the Pivot Mode toggle and then start slicing and dicing your data by dragging the fields into the Row, Column, and Sum of Values boxes.

Do Math in Gigasheet

Spreadsheets are for calculations. Here's how perform math operations across columns or in a column or group.

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