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Whether you need to analyze massive data exports from your CRM or CDP, work with sales and lead intelligence, or you’re looking for patterns in web logs, Gigasheet can save you hours. There’s no administrative setup or configuration needed and no special coding skills are required. If you can use a spreadsheet, you can use Gigasheet. 

Gigasheet gives you the power to analyze big data and uncover revenue opportunities ranging from upselling existing customers who are over pricing limits, to filtering online lead data to convert new accounts.

Sales & Marketing

Identify Sales and Marketing Opportunities

Gigasheet helps data engineers by providing end users with a self-service way to analyze huge files that are too big for Excel or Google Sheets. Eliminate tedious refinement of queries and enable users to tailor the final mile of data exports by allowing them to fine tune queries, buckets, and aggregations, and exports to meet their needs. Configure data source connectors to automatically import data form Amazon S3, Redshift, Snowflake, Big Query, or most any popular SaaS platform or database. From CRMs to data lakes, Gigasheet makes it quick and easy to provide users with the data they need.

Data Engineering

Empower Users, Eliminate Hassle

Cyber Security

Gigasheet helps cybersecurity practitioners and teams rapidly triage huge files, making it easy to quickly assess the extent of an incident, or investigate suspicious behavior. Enrichments provide turnkey integration to threat intelligence, and the Super Timeliner capability makes forensic timeline analysis a snap. Combine varied logs and artifacts into a single, consolidated time-ordered view for analysis.

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I am impressed with the speed from data to insight when using Gigasheet.

Brandon Dixon,
Chief Technical Officer, AtmosJobs

Using Gigasheet is as easy as opening a spreadsheet. I can open files with millions of rows and see what is relevant to my business.

Andy Sharpe,
President & Founder, Transharpe

It looks like a spreadsheet, but it is deceptively powerful under the hood.

Mark Feldman,
CEO & Co-Founder, RevenueBase

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