Quality over quantity. I have a 9.2 GB file with maybe 55 rows of meaningful data that I had to extract (thank you Gigasheet!)

V. Ammirato

Your website has literally been life changing for me the past week.

Operations Coordinator

Gigasheet is awesome for exploring massive CSVs

G. Taulin

You're got a great product - I'll say that. :-)

Legal Consultant

I'm so pleased with it... It's what I've been looking for for two years.

Legal Consultant

So not to make things super weird, but, Gigasheet pretty much saved my life on NTA data today now that I know how to use filters and groups. Wow! Awesome!

Threat Researcher

Upload. Bam. There it is. It all makes sense. So simple to use.

Real Estate Entrepreneur

This saved me $60K per month.

Director, Digital Operations

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Thousands of people use Gigasheet to analyze their big data.

Sales & Marketing

Whether you need to analyze massive data exports from your CRM,  work with sales and lead intelligence, or you’re looking for patterns in web logs, Gigasheet can save you hours. There’s no administrative setup or configuration needed and no special coding skills are required. If you can use a spreadsheet, you can use Gigasheet. 


Familiar filters allow you to quickly search data insights. Groups and Aggregations allow you to easily calculate summary metrics, all without writing a single formula or building a pivot table.

Cyber Security

Gigasheet helps cybersecurity practitioners and teams rapidly triage huge files, making it easy to quickly assess the extent of an incident, or investigate suspicious behavior. Enrichments provide turnkey integration to threat intelligence, and the Super Timeliner capability makes forensic timeline analysis a snap. Combine varied logs and artifacts into a single, consolidated time-ordered view for analysis.


Gigasheet makes it easy to work with huge files, call detail records (CDR), and telephony logs. Telecom analysts are able to pinpoint configuration issues in networks, identify billing issues, or find new opportunities in seconds. 

Powerful filters and regular expression (regex) searches facilitate finding the answers you need. Cloud-native sharing means you can collaborate across teams, or share your results with anyone.

IT Operations

We make it easy to triage your server, firewall, and network logs. It's easy to search, pivot, and filter to quickly get a high-level overview of your IT environment and see the root cause of any issues.

If you need to analyze huge files that are too big for Excel or Google Sheets, Gigasheet will gladly take them on! No more limit on file size or number of rows just because your logs are huge. Simply upload from your local machine, or import directly form Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.

How People Use Gigasheet

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