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Instantly Query Huge Data Sets

Gigasheet can handle up to a billion rows, presenting your data sets in a familiar spreadsheet interface that is simple yet powerful. Data exploration is easy with point and click sorting, filtering, and grouping. With Gigasheet, you can quickly drill down to just the data you need, without lengthy setup and complicated configuration.

Whether you’re looking at sample data, triaging transformations or validating successful loads from one system to another, Gigasheet has got you covered.

Gigasheet makes it easy to quickly inspect and triage large sets of data when developing data pipelines. Query, group, and aggregate data to ensure your pipeline is producing the results you expect - all without coding. The Gigasheet interface scales to billions of data points and is powerful enough for engineers yet simple enough to share with end customers. Spend more of your time designing and implementing extraction, transformation and loading of data and less time writing code to visualize data sets for quality control.

Interface with Online Data Sources

Your business intelligence is only as good as the data supporting it. In the constant battle to remain up to date, data is frequently exported, updated, and imported from one system to another. Gigasheet can help expedite this process, identifying updates, reformatting data and creating upload files. Gigasheet can also connect to 150+ of the most popular SAAS systems, making data operations a breeze.

Triage Data Movements

When the business stakeholders tell you that “something doesn’t look right”, it’s time to start poking around the various systems to see what broke. Gigasheet helps quickly open and triage update files and let’s you identify the culprit so that everyone is happy again.


Empower Users, Eliminate Hassle

Data Engineering

Faster exploration of data sources for extraction, transformation and loading data to meet business requirements, and less time writing code!

This saves me about a week to a week and a half of work.

Data Engineer | Frame.io

Functions Built for Working with Data

There is nothing more cumbersome than dealing with Unix time, or other date functions. Gigasheet is built to handle the tedious tasks that slow you down. Base 64 content? No problem. Enrichments are also available to geo locate ip addresses.

Crime in Denver

Crime in Denver

Fantasy Draft '22 Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Draft '22 Cheat Sheet

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