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How to open a big CSV file?

If you're trying to open a big CSV file, Gigasheet offers a free and quick solution. Large CSV files are often too much for Excel and Google Sheets, but Gigasheet makes it easy to view, search and analyze huge CSVs.

What is a XLSX, XLS, XLTM, XLTX file?

These extensions are all Microsoft Excel file formats. Think spreadsheets!

What is a CSV file?

A comma-separated values (CSV) file is a text format used primarily to store data in a table structure.

What is a JSON file?

JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation is a text-based format representing structured data based on JavaScript object syntax. Because of its simplicity and ease of use, JSON files are often used to transmit data in web apps.

What is a LOG file?

A log file is a record of communication between a computer's operating system and an application or other piece of software. The role of a log file is to capture any state changes or events that would be valuable to the owner. Log files are stored for debugging, server administration, fraud prevention and compliance.

What is a PCAP file?

Packet capture (PCAP) files usually contain the packet data of a network. Therefore, these files mainly analyze specific data's network characteristics.

What is a TSV file?

A tab-separated values (TSV) file is a text format used primarily to store data in a table structure.

What is a ZIP, GZIP, or TAR file?

All of these file types are used for archive files. They are making storing a collection of files easier by creating a single container file.

What is an EVTX file?

Windows uses EVTX, an XML-based log format for recording events.

What is an XLSB file?

An XLSB file bears the extension ‘.xlsb,’ which is the MS Excel Binary File Format.

What is the difference between an XLS file and a CSV file?

CSV stands for ‘comma separated values.' XLS files are Microsoft Excel’s workbook files.

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