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How to open a big CSV file?


There are a couple of workarounds to open a huge CSV in Excel. The first is to use software to split the CSV file into multiple smaller files. You'll need to ensure these files are smaller than Excel's 1,048,576 max row limit. The second option is to find an Excel add-on that can support CSV files with more of rows.

Microsoft Power Query does support larger CSV or XLS files. However there are some important constrains to keep in mind:

  • It was only available for MS Excel 2010 and 2013 and is no longer supported or updated by Microsoft.

  • It was only available for analysts working on Windows operating systems. 

  • It relies on a proprietary M formula language.

  • CSV files are limited to 50 million rows

If you're trying to open a big CSV file, Gigasheet offers a free and quick solution. Large CSV files are often too much for Excel and Google Sheets, but Gigasheet makes it easy to view, search and analyze huge CSVs.

Follow these steps to easily work with large CSV files in our spreadsheet-like online application. Curious what a CSV file is? Check out this answer.

Here's how to open your big CSV in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Signup for a free Gigasheet account 

  2. After logging in, click +NEW > Upload, and browse to select your CSV (you can also connect to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc) 

  3. Once file loads and processing is completed, click the file name to view the file in a new tab.

With a free Community Gigasheet account you can open big CSV files up to 10gb (enough for tens of millions of rows). To reduce upload times or analyze multiple files, zip your file(s) before uploading. You can also load CSVs from publicly accessible URLs, or AWS S3 signed links using the Link option in the upload popup. Alternatively, you can connect your Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox account.

Our Premium version of Gigasheet supports even larger CSVs (1 billion rows) or 50gb. Gigasheet Enterprise allows you to connect to numerous SaaS platforms and even schedule and automate your data imports. Contact us for more info. A note about privacy: at Gigasheet, your data stays private and secure – we never sell or share user data.

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