Using Gigasheet with Zapier

Integrate Gigasheet with Zapier to automate various tasks and streamline your workflow.


Whether it's updating spreadsheets with new data from other applications, creating new rows based on specific triggers, or extracting data from Gigasheet to trigger actions in other apps, Zapier's connection to Gigasheet offers users the flexibility to automate processes and enhance productivity.

Step 1

In your Gigasheet account, on the the Library page select Automation API from the purple left menu.

Step 2

Click the Generate API Key button. Copy and save your API key in a safe place.

Step 3

Head to Zapier and configure your automation. You'll need your API key to connect to your Gigasheet account.

Popular Uses

Airtable logo
When rows are added to Airtable, add additional data from Gigasheet to the row
Google Forms logo
Use Google Form responses to apply filters to an existing Gigasheet sheet and export the results 
Hubspot logo
Salesforce logo
When new contacts are added to HubSpot or Salesforce, append rows to a sheet in Gigasheet
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Triggers and Capabilities

Rename & Select

Rename and select columns by name to keep.

Cross File VLookup

Correlate data between two sheets.

Append New Record to a Sheet

Add a new row to a sheet from an outside source.
See all Triggers and Actions

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