The fastest way to gain insight from
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While traditional methods demand significant engineering, investment and setup costs, Gigasheet offers a flexible, self-service solution. We empower business teams to delve into their data, ask questions, and extract insights — all without the need for lengthy training and implementation projects.
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"There aren't many products that make big data so accessible. Gigasheet is in a sweet spot - not overly technical, comparatively straightforward, yet powerful, and easy enough to share."

Andy Sweeney
Chief Product Officer at Blackstar Capital

Data Transparency: Every Cell, No Compromises

Gigasheet redefines data management; it's intuitive interface enables swift data cleanup, independent navigation of complex datasets, and effortless analysis of up to a billion rows for confident decision-making, surpassing Excel and Google Sheets.

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Automate Repetitive Tasks at Scale

Gigasheet is your key to unlocking productivity, seamlessly transforming your workflow with its API and Zapier, effortlessly automate tasks, eliminate errors, and enhance data through scheduled imports/exports—no coding required.

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Big Data for
Every Team

Elevate your collaboration game with a workspace designed for handling complete data sets, not just samples. Experience simplified, secure sharing of massive datasets across your organization and beyond, eliminating technical complexities.

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Spreadsheet in the Front,
Big Data in the Rear

All the great parts of a spreadsheet, but supercharged to handle whatever data you throw at it.
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Gigasheet empowers efficient data analysis through its versatile tools and a familiar interface.
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Integrate & Automate

Gigasheet simplifies data integration and automation with powerful features to get your work done faster.
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Gigasheet's Live URl for BI and Spreadsheets connects with: Excel, Google Sheets, Looker, Microsoft PowerBI, Domo and Tableau


Effective data analysis in Gigasheet thrives on seamless collaboration, from communicating through annotations to sharing sheets for real-time updates.
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Data Cleanup

Gigasheet enables you to swiftly eliminate unwanted data ensuring your sheet is thoroughly prepared for in-depth analysis.
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The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a data warehouse.

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