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All the great parts of a spreadsheet, but supercharged to handle whatever data you throw at it.

Closeup of Aggregations bard within Gigasheet UI


Gigasheet Aggregations make it easy to quickly calculate summary statistics for a given column without requiring you to learn any special formula syntax.

Closeup of Filter modal within Gigasheet UI


Gigasheet Filters allow you to build complex queries. Users can created nested queries using AND/OR, filter by time or even wildcard and regex matching.

Frame of Formulas popover within Gigasheet UI


All your favorites, just as you would expect, but at scale. With Gigasheet's formulas you apply the operation to every row within the sheet based on the column chosen.

Closeup of Group and result Group within Gigasheet UI


Gigasheet Group provide similar functionality to traditional pivot tables, but are easier to navigate. Group organizes rows by a specified categorical column, and collapses rows that meet the specified criteria.

Frame of If function modal within Gigasheet UI


Easily test a condition and perform a specific action based on the result. With Gigasheet's If function you can check whether a condition is true or false and then return a value or perform an action based on that result.

Closeup of Sheet Assistant window within Gigasheet UI

Sheet Assistant

Gigasheet's Sheet Assistant intelligently performs analysis on your data based on your requests. Simply ask your questions, and Sheet Assistant will filter, group, and aggregate your data, presenting you with meaningful insights. Data analysis now is as easy as having a conversation.

Frame of Cross File VLookup function within Gigasheet UI

Cross File VLookup

Join data across sheets. You can't have a spreadsheet without VLOOKUP!

Frame of Data Connectors modal within Gigasheet UI

Data Connectors

Add 3rd party data from built in or external APIs without writing code

Frame of Enrichments modal within Gigasheet UI


Add 3rd party data from built in or external APIs without writing code

Frame of Live URL modal within GIgasheet UI

Live URL BI & Spreadsheets

Easily feed data to outside tools with Gigasheet's Live URL for BI & Spreadsheets. Data automatically refreshes for continuous updates, reflecting a live view. All it takes is just one-click to enable the live URL functionality. Learn more by reading our support documentation.

Gigasheet API connections include Make, Zapier, and Pabbly

Gigasheet API

The Gigasheet API allows you and your team to connect with external data sources, such as web-based services, databases, and other applications. Learn more about the Gigasheet API.

Closeup of Comments popover within Gigasheet UI


Comments in Gigasheet serve as a valuable feature that allows users to add explanatory notes or annotations to cells, formulas, or entire worksheets.

Frame of Publish to Web modal within Gigasheet UI

Publish to Web

Gigasheet's Publish to Web feature empowers users to embed a sheet so it can be viewed on a external platform. Any changes made to the original file are immediately reflected in the embedded view, without the need to update the link or embed code.

Frame of Share modal within the Gigasheet UI

Shared Files

Allow your team or public access to your data! Gigasheet empowers users to share the sheets with who they want and how they want, no restrictions.

Closeup of Team Workspace within Library in Gigasheet UI

Shared Workspace

Team accounts support a shared workspace allowing an organization to more easily collaborate. Only available with a Business Plan.

Frame of Sheet History modal within Gigasheet UI

Sheet History

Sheet history is an overview of the changes made to a sheet over time. Accessible via the File menu sheet history provides insight into what team member made which changes, and when. Only available with a Business Plan.

Frame of Change Data Type modal within Gigasheet UI

Convert a Column

Gigasheet allows users to easily convert the data type of any column. This comes in handy when a single column may have been incorrectly identified as one data type on import, but you want to transform the data to work with it in a different way.

Frame of Combine Columns modal in Gigasheet UI

Combine Columns

Gigasheet allows users to easily combine or merge many columns into a singular column. For example, you may have dates split out in day, month, year and would like to combine it into one singular column.

Frame of Find & Replace modal within Gigasheet UI

Find & Replace

Quickly eliminate pesky data problems with Gigasheet's Find and Replace.  A handy tool that helps you find specific words, numbers, or even symbols in your worksheet. It's like having a detective power to search for something and change it throughout your whole document with just a few clicks!

Frame of Remove Duplicates function modal within Gigasheet UI

Remove Duplicates

Someone always brings a dupe to the party

Frame of Split Column modal within Gigasheet UI

Split Columns

Split on delimiters, or add your own!

The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, at cloud scale.

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