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Our Sheet Assistant is your big data analysis sidekick.
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Big Data AI.
Spreadsheet Easy.

Big Data analysis now is as easy as having a conversation. Simply ask your question, and our spreadsheet AI assistant will help you analyze your data, presenting you with meaningful insights. No infrastructure, no setup, and no training required.

Transparent, explainable answers.
We’ve designed our AI spreadsheet copilot to explain how it analyzes the data, and allows you to easily confirm the results. Sheet Assistant will help you up-level your analytical skills and be confident in your results.

Your Data Stays Private.

With Sheet Assistant, your data never leaves the Gigasheet platform.

We maintain strict confidentiality and security practices, including SOC 2 compliance and we don't sell or share your data with third parties.
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scale without limits

Big Data.
Bigger Intelligence.

Gigasheet takes care of the heavy lifting, enabling you to focus on analysis. The AI Sheet Assistant operates seamlessly on datasets of up to 250 gigabytes.

Need more? Go even further with our Enterprise solution that operates at terabyte scale in your private cloud.
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The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a data warehouse.

No Code
No Database
No Training
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