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Analytics for business, managed within your data lake.
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Gigasheet Enterprise allows analysts solve problems without burdening data teams via self-service analytics. It supports billions rows and the familiar spreadsheet interface requires no coding or user training.

You'll never have to worry about keeping data in sync, egress costs, or governance controls because Gigasheet Enterprise reads data directly from your data lake – without storing a copy on our servers. It's an ideal solution if you already use data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, ClickHouse, Apache Hive, or Presto, or if you store .csv, .tsv, or Parquet data in the cloud.

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Enterprise API

APIs integrate data warehouses, SaaS platforms, and automate actions.

Instant Access

No training required. Access big data without complex SQL interfaces.

Self-Service Data

Allow your team to quickly perform data discovery investigations.

Private, Secure, Isolated

Your data is stays within your cloud ensuring it never leaves your control.

Data Product Delivery

Deliver huge data sets in a sheet that allow self-service exploration.

Why Gigasheet Enterprise?

Enable analysts to answer their own questions, without data leaving your control. With Gigasheet Enterprise there's no need for for intermediary storage. There's also no need for an additional permissions layer, as access controls are inherited from your data lake.

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The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, at cloud scale.

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