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Online CSV Viewer

View CSV files online. Free up to 10 GB.

Upload CSV, zipped CSV, or provide a URL

View and Analyze CSV File in Gigasheet for Free

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Quick and Free Online CSV Viewer

Gigasheet's Online CSV Viewer offers a free and convenient way to view CSV files right in your browser. No software download is required and there's no cost to use the service.

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Data Privacy & Security

Gigasheet uses a combination of encryption at rest and in transit, as well as industry leading safeguards to protect our all user data. We don't share or sell any files you load into Gigasheet.

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Support for Big CSVs

Gigasheet operates at cloud scale, meaning you can easily view CSV files too large for Excel or Google Sheets. Need to view even bigger CSV files? Upgrade to Premium to view multi-gigabyte CSV files online.

How to view CSV files online

  1. Sign up, free forever with Gigasheet

  2. Upload your CSV file to view

  3. View & Analyze your CSV file instantly

Gigasheet makes it easy to share your file with anyone when viewing!

Gigasheet Online CSV Viewing Step-by-Step Instructions

First create a free account, then simply upload your CSV file by clicking +New > File Upload > Browse to select a file from your machine. You can zip your file to save time uploading. Don't want to download your file? No problem. Click the Link option in the lower part of the upload box and provide publicly accessible URL to your CSV file or to a zip of a CSV.

Next your CSV file will automatically upload (and unzip if necessary). For exceptionally large files you'll see a loading bar while the file parses.

Once complete, click on the file name in your Library to view the CSV file online. The viewer will open a spreadsheet in a new browser tab for viewing. Here you can filter, search, or create pivot tables with your CSV.