Integrated Intelligence

Enrich huge datasets with GEOIP and third-party intelligence in just a few clicks.

Spend more time analyzing and less time configuring.

Zero Setup
Zero Configuration

Just log in, upload files and go. There is no setup and no coding required to get started.

Triage & Combine Files

Gigasheet makes it easy to normalize, timeline and analyze varied logs and files.

Video Demos

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Discover more details on our threat intelligence integrations.

Data Security

FAQs about security and privacy at Gigasheet.


Gigasheet helps individuals and teams quickly analyze massive, varying data sets without lengthy setup and complicated configuration. On the surface, Gigasheet appears as a familiar web-based spreadsheet. But behind the scenes is a cloud-based, high performance Big Data analytics platform that supports billions of data points.

Find insights in a matter of minutes, not hours or days.

Share & Collaborate

Cloud-native sharing allows you to work with teammates and share your results with anyone.

You don't need a data scientist to get answers.