Hassle-Free Data
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Gigasheet Business is the easiest way to work together on big data at your organization. No code, SQL, or training is required.

Collaborative & Automated

Load your largest datasets, automate reporting or data cleaning, and share instantly with your team. Gigasheet makes managing data simple, regardless of the size.

Easy collaboration on your team’s largest data sets
Automate data workflows and eliminate repetitive tasks
Schedule data imports and exports with Gigasheet Business

"Splash by Shutterstock has been using the services of Gigasheet to handle our 'big data' requests from an image database of 60+ million Editorial assets.  We have always found it a slick and reliable for all of our needs, a superb solution."

–Simon Bridger, Business Operations Director
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Share Within Your Team, Or Outside

Easily share within your organization, with authorized users, or publish on the web for anyone to view.
Use the Team settings to securely share with teammates
Communicate changes with familiar comment threads
Sync Gigasheet with BI dashboards and spreadsheets
Audit sheet change history and maintain data governance
Gigasheet UI screenshot highlighting new comment feature allowing for more collaboration within teams and individuals

Security & Governance

Business demands the utmost data protection, and Gigasheet Business delivers. We meet or exceed industry standards for data security, including SOC 2 Type II compliance. We never sell or share your data with third parties.


Get Your Team in the Game

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