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Streamline demand gen, territory planning, and find  opportunities in huge data sets, with the powerful spreadsheet capabilities of Gigasheet. Whether it’s CRM, CDP, or transaction data, you can literally start right now.
Gigasheet makes it easy to analyze big data exports from your sales or marketing platform, CRM, CDP, or customer intelligence vendor. Quickly filter, clean, and analyze millions of of prospects, accounts, or sales transactions. Gigasheet automatically imports CSV, TSV, XLS, JSON and most structured data export formats, meaning there's no setup required.
Gigasheet Groups UI offers users the ability to quickly subdivide data into segments

Analyze CRM or CDM Exports for Instant Insights

No matter how big your data, Gigasheet provides a familiar spreadsheet interface that is simple yet powerful. Data exploration is easy with point and click sorting, filtering, and grouping. With Gigasheet, you can quickly drill down to targeted data you need, without lengthy setup and complicated configuration.
Gigasheet UI highlighting options to Save, Share, Export and Rename sheets
Gigasheet UI highlighting easy to use Save as New Sheet tool

Deliver Big Data Directly To End Users

Easily share big data sets in Gigasheet with your customers and allow them self-service access to view, filter, and sort in real time. Eliminate back-and-forth query tweaking and allow users to slice and export data as they see fit.

Directly Integrate With CRMs, CDPs, Marketing Platforms, & More

Gigasheet connects to 150+ of the most popular SAAS systems, making data operations a breeze. Expedite data quality inspections, hygiene updates, reformatting dirty leads.
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Identify New Revenue Opportunities

Use Gigasheet to analyze operational data to identify white space, upsells, or new opportunities. Groups and aggregations make this type of analysis quick and easy.
Gigasheet Groups UI offers users the ability to quickly subdivide data into segments

"This saved me $60K per month."

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