Simplify Analysis

Gigasheet provides intuitive tools to calculate common metrics, merge files, and build super timelines for incident response. Built-in IOC detection helps you identify Patient-0 faster than a fancy bear can do a Cossack dance. Flag rows as good, bad, or suspicious and easily share with others right in the app. Once your analysis is complete, it's simple to export the data to a CSV for reporting.

Interested to see how Gigasheet works? Explore some sample data.

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Gigasheet helps cybersecurity practitioners and teams rapidly triage huge files, making it easy to quickly assess the extent of an incident, or investigate suspicious behavior.

Gigasheet automatically parses forensic artifacts on-the-fly, without setup. Simply drag and drop massive logs, netflow, PCAPs, JSON dumps, multiple EVTX files, or big CSVs and Gigasheet smartly identifies and parses the data. The spreadsheet-like interface makes it easy to search, filter and pivot. Logs with hundreds of millions of rows or billions of data points are no problem.

Correlate Threat Intel With a Click

Gigasheet comes with Enrichments to help you quickly get intelligence on IPs and hashes. Enrich millions of indicators instantly with threat intelligence from leading vendors, or add OSINT from top top feeds, and bulk GEOIP lookups make it easy to pinpoint the geographic location of unusual activity.

Cyber Security

Faster investigations for incident response, threat hunting, and security operations.

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