Collaborate on Big Data

From delivering a data to a customer, to sharing internally, Gigasheet makes big data collaboration secure and easy.
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Publish to the World

You can even publish an interactive view of huge data sets on your own site.
Restricted Sharing: Embed Gigasheet on your site so anyone with access can view, filter and sort your data.
Publish: Data will be presented just the way you left it, including groups, sorts, and filters
Gigasheet UI with abstract illustrations of users to showcase collaboration

A Workspace Built for Big Data Collaboration

Leverage Gigasheet Teams to empower your organization.
Gigasheet Teams provides a centralized place to manage big data files, make transformations, and share results.
Files and Folders can be shared at the team level making collaboration easy,
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The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, at cloud scale.

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