How To

Analyze MySQL In A Spreadsheet

Gigasheet's MySQL data connector makes it easy to bulk import data directly from your database to a big data spreadsheet. No code required! 

Unlock a world of streamlined data analysis by connecting Gigasheet to MySQL for big data analysis, cleanup, and/or data transformation.

Quick MySQL Integration:

Step 1. First, log into your Gigasheet account (if you don't already have one you can sign up for free), click on "+New" and navigate to "Data Connectors." Select "MySQL" from the list.

MySQL Spreadsheet Connector

Step 2. Configure your secure MySQL connection by specifying your database host, username and password. (Your database must be able to accept connections from the internet.)

Configure MySQL connection

Step 3. Finally, specify the tables you'd like to import, and click Submit.

Gigasheet will then import and extract the table objects to spreadsheets - up to 1 billion rows per sheet. Depending on your MySQL host and the amount of data your importing, this could take a few minutes. That's it!

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