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Analyze Salesforce Data in Gigasheet is the water so many professionals swim in, be it for marketing, sales, or support use cases. It's where all customer interactions end up. But because Salesforce deployments ultimately become so sprawling, it can be very cumbersome to do quick analysis. "Export to Excel" becomes part of the default workflow. What's more, it's nearly impossible to track Salesforce history.

Automate Salesforce with Gigasheet
In your Gigasheet Library click New> Data Connectors and select a Salesforce option.

The problem is those report exports get too big, and inevitable some of the historical changes are lost. Luckily, you can now connect your Salesforce account directly to Gigasheet. Goodbye "Export to Excel"; now schedule your salesforce reports or entire objects to import directly into your Gigasheet library.  

Connecting your Salesforce account is easy. In your Library head to New >Data Connectors option, select Salesforce Report or Salesforce Object (depending on what you'd like to work with). Next you'll sign in to your Salesforce account, and then you'll see a list of Objects or Reports available in your account. Simply select one or more items to import, and optionally schedule them on a recurring basis (shown below). The Gigasheet connection requires no app install, or special admin permissions.

With Salesforce connected, you can bring in any standard view (all your contacts, all your accounts, opportunities, etc) or any custom report. These reports can be exported on a set schedule with our solution for Salesforce reporting snapshots.

Once Salesforce data is exported to Gigasheet you can run quick pivots on hundreds of thousands of records. Enrich email addresses by disposition and domain lookup for a quick triage. Perform calculations are the speed of thought, without having to rebuild reports. In addition, Gigasheet can automatically track Salesforce changes – all of them. The dataset can be massive; you need a big data analysis tool to work with it.  

Schedule Salesforce Exports
Easily schedule Salesforce exports

Using Gigasheet capabilities to analyze Salesforce data, you can  identify trends, anomalies, and outliers in your CRM dataset when that dataset gets too big for the traditional desktop tools.

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