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Combine Files works by looking at the column types, and ensuring the types of data in each column is exactly the same across the files being combined. As an example, a sheet with 7 columns, the first three columns containing numbers and the next four containing text strings, will combine successfully with similar 7 column sheets that follow the 3-number 4-string format. 

To combine sheets, simple upload the individual sheets into your library and press Combine Files. 

After being asked to name the new file, the files will be concatenated together into one big sheet. Since Gigasheet can support files up to 1 billion rows, you can now work with your full datasets in one spot. 

Say goodbye to having to split your files into multiple partial sheets, simply to get them to open in your legacy application. 

To combine files, simply select the files you want to combine and press Combine
Combine multiple sheets in one pass, and work with your entire combined dataset

Sheets with the same column structure can be combined in Gigasheet. No need for any complicated command line tools: just upload them and press Combine. 

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Combine Files in Gigasheet

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