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Export offers two options: Current Page and All Rows. Current page will include the first 100 rows currently visible. All Rows dumps the currently filtered rows, with any new columns to a CSV file.

Note: Filtering removes rows from the exported file. You can also remove columns from the export by unchecking them from the columns menu on the right of the file.

Large data sets may take several minutes or more to compile, and the export will appear in Your Files and you'll receive an email when the file is ready for download.

Export from Gigasheet
Exported file in Library

The ability to export All Rows is currently available to Premium or Enterprise users. Consider upgrading your account if you need this feature. More information can be found on the Pricing page.

Once you have searched, filtered, grouped, and enriched your data using Gigasheet, you are likely ready to export the file for use in another system. Exporting from Gigasheet is as easy as clicking a button.

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