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How To Use Gigasheet Email Format Check to Validate Email Addresses in a Lead List
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Use Gigasheet Email Format Check To Validate Email Addresses

Gigasheet, the big data spreadsheet can not only open huge files, but also enrich data using no code enrichments. Gigasheet has free built-in enrichments for email and IP addresses.  In this example, we are going to use Gigasheet’s Email Format Check to validate email addresses in our lead list.

Provider Website: https://gigasheet.com/
Provider Enrichment Docs: https://support.gigasheet.com/support/solutions/articles/69000823914-email-address-enrichment-verification-and-validation
Endpoint: Built into Gigasheet
Token / Registration Required: No

How To Enrich A Spreadsheet With Gigasheet Email Format Check:

For this example, my data is a lead list containing 20 sample contacts. Let’s use the free Gigasheet Email Format Check to validate the email addresses.

sample lead list or email validation using the Gigasheet Email Format Check

Step 1. In Gigasheet, head to the Enrichments function and the default Enrichment Type is Email.

Email Validation is a built-in Gigasheet enrichment using the Email Format Check

Step 2. Select the column to enrich, which in this case is “Email” and then check the box for Email Format Check. Now we are ready to run the enrichment by hitting Apply. It’s that simple!

Select the Gigasheet Email Format Check to perform email validation

Step 3. Gigasheet will run the Email Format Check on your column containing email addresses and insert the following information into your sheet:

  • Format - Is the email well formatted?
  • Domain - Isolates the email address domain
  • Alexa Rank - Looks up the Alexa traffic rank of the email address domain
  • Disposition - Determines which domains originate from organizations versus from free consumer mail services or disposable email services

As you can tell, I have some malformed email addresses in my list. I also have some disposable email addresses that I may want to avoid.

Gigasheet sheet containing the results of email validation using the Email Format Check
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