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Get phone numbers, names, and 20+ more data points from email addresses

Gigasheet has partnered with RevenueBase to provide sales intelligence for businesses looking to optimize their sales and marketing efforts through efficient email verification and enrichment. Best of all no coding is required and there's no need to purchase any third-party license. Simply upload a sheet containing a column of email addresses, and select the RevenueBase Email enrichment to quickly verify the authenticity and deliverability of each email address - up to millions at a time. This process helps in significantly reducing bounce rates and ensuring that communications reach their intended recipients. In addition to validation, you'll also receive cell phone, location, and employer details. See the table below for a full list of fields:

Email addresses enrichment response fields
Gigasheet enrichments are based on a credit system, where each contact enriched consumes 1 credit. Sign up today to get 1,000 credits free. Premium subscribers receive 10,000 credits per month, or 120,000 (up front) when paid annually. Add-on credit bundles are available at unmatched prices: 8x-10x less than market rates.

Beyond validation, the RevenueBase Email enrichment enhances lists of contacts by finding associated phone numbers and adding layers of sales intelligence. Additional information can include job titles, companies, industries, and more, enabling outbound teams to gain a deeper understanding of their prospects. Enriched data allows sales teams to tailor their outreach strategies more effectively, ensuring that they are targeting the right individuals with messages that resonate.

Email Phone Enrichment

The power of the RevenueBase email enrichment lies in its ability to transform basic contact lists into rich, actionable databases - at big data scale. For marketing teams, this means being able to segment huge audiences more accurately and personalize campaigns to a greater extent. For sales professionals, it translates into more informed conversations and a higher likelihood of converting prospects into customers. For sales and revenue operations teams it means more accurate CRM data and better planning.

Provider Website: https://revenuebase.ai/
Provider Enrichment Docs: https://revenuebase.ai/contact-data/
Token / Registration Required: No

How To Verify A Spreadsheet Of Email Address, Find Names, Phone Numbers, Location & More

With this enrichment, you can pass RevenueBase a list of email addresses

Step 1. First, upload your spreadsheet, Excel file, JSON, or CSV to Gigasheet. After opening your sheet click the Enrichments button.

Step 2. Next select the RevenueBase Email enrichment service.

Step 3. Next, select the column from your sheet that contains email addresses. Gigasheet will enrich each contact and add additional columns to your sheet with context from RevenueBase. The new columns appear in light blue and contain data for each email address including Email Status (valid or invalid) as well as cell phone number (if available), location data, first and last name, and information from the contact's LinkedIn including their employer and much more.

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