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How to get phone number from email address in Gigasheet
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How To Get Phone Number From Email Addresses In Gigasheet

With this enrichment, you can pass RevenueBase a list of email addresses and retrieve columns with additional person details including mobile phone numbers when available.

Step 1. First, upload your spreadsheet, Excel file, CSV or other spreadsheet to Gigasheet. Ensure one column has a list of email addresses. After opening your sheet click the Enrichments button.

Step 2. Next select the RevenueBase Email enrichment service.

Step 3. Next, select the column from your sheet that contains email addresses. Gigasheet will enrich each contact and add additional columns to your sheet with context from RevenueBase. The new columns appear in light blue and contain data for each email address including Email Status (valid or invalid) as well as cell phone number (if available), location data, first and last name, and information from the contact's LinkedIn including their employer and much more.

Gigasheet's enrichment services operate on a credit-based system, with one credit being used for each contact that is enriched. Register now to receive 1,000 credits at no cost. For premium subscribers, we offer 10,000 credits monthly, or an annual upfront option of 120,000 credits. Additionally, we provide add-on credit packages at prices significantly lower than the market average—ranging from 8 to 10 times less.

Analyze & Clean Huge Email Lists

Gigasheet makes it easy to analyze your data, clean up duplicates, validate address formats and so much more. Filter for just the data you need and export for easy use. Best of all, Gigasheet supports huge files - up to 1 billion rows in a single sheet.

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Create your free Gigasheet account today and receive 1,000 enrichment credits. Validate address deliverability, add employer context, cell phone numbers, and so much more. In addition you'll receive 25 free API requests to automate Gigasheet with our API or tools like Zapier.

Secure & Private

Gigasheet is a US company with data centers hosted in the USA. Our SOC 2 compliant environment and industry leading practices ensure your data stays secure. We never sell your data to third parties.

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