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  1. Create a Gigasheet account to begin working on your dataset. Navigate to +NEW > Upload File to import your data files. You can upload any file type, and Gigasheet handles it with ease. You can upload files from your device or cloud-based sources like Google Drive, AWS, and Dropbox.
  2. Click on your file in the library to open and view it. Clean your dataset with Gigasheet's Data Cleanup tools. Use built-in tools like 'Find and Replace,' 'Remove Duplicates,' and 'Change Case' to improve the quality and accuracy of your dataset.
  3. Employ Gigasheet's advanced analytics features to explore and gain insights. Use' Functions' for mathematical and statistical operations, 'Filter' to narrow your dataset for targeted insights, and 'Group' to organize your data into clusters or pivot tables.
  4. To efficiently perform complex queries, use Gigasheet's unique AI-powered Sheet Assistant. Type in your query, such as "Show me rows where Company Name contains LLC," to get specific insights while the Assistant handles syntax and formulae.
  5. To invite collaborators, click Share and change the access setting or invite team members by email. You can also download your file by clicking on File > Export.

Data Cleanup Tools

No more cluttered data! Perform otherwise tedious data cleanup tasks in just a few clicks with Gigasheet’s tools for finding duplicates, changing cases, formatting, and more.

Natural Language Support

Gigasheet's AI-powered Sheet Assistant with natural language processing capabilities lets you perform complex analytics by posing queries in plain English.

Secure Workspace

We keep your data private, and don't share or sell information on our users or their data. We uphold industry best practices in security, and Gigasheet is an accredited US company that is SOC 2 compliant.

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