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Mar 26, 2024

Company Data Enrichment with Gigasheet and RevenueBase

As follow-up to my post announcing our sales intelligence enrichments, I wanted to share some recent additional capabilities we've added at Gigasheet in collaboration with RevenueBase, which I believe mark a significant step forward in the way we approach data enrichment and utilization in B2B sales, marketing, and revenue operations. It’s about more than just these new features; it’s about refining our approach to how we handle big data, making it more accessible and actionable for everyone involved. These new enrichments make it super-simple to add context to company data:

  • From basics like company size and structure to detailed headquarters and primary location information.
  • Insights into the industry landscape through various classification standards.
  • Analysis of a company's digital presence, from LinkedIn specifics to website functionality.

Whether you're bulk cleaning and enriching data from Salesforce, or building a list for an outbound marketing campaign, this new capability provides the best value on in the sales intelligence market today.

Introducing Organization and Company Data Enrichment

We're introducing two new enrichments centered around company domains and LinkedIn URLs. This evolution stems from a desire to simplify the process of accessing comprehensive company information, ensuring B2B sellers and CRM operations teams have what they need to make informed decisions and strategies. Best of all you get 50+ data points for a given company for just 1 enrichment credit per row.

  • About Us
  • Company Name Language
  • Employee Profiles on LinkedIn
  • Headquarters State
  • Headquarters Country Code
  • DNB Industry Description
  • NAICS Code
  • Is LinkedIn URL Claimed
  • Location Street
  • Location Postcode
  • Location Continent
  • Max Revenue
  • Domain
  • Is Website for Sale
  • G2 Category
  • Max Employee Count
  • Year Founded
  • Headquarters State Code
  • Headquarters Country Region
  • Hoover's Industry Code
  • NAICS Description
  • LinkedIn Followers
  • Location City
  • Location Country Code
  • Is Location Primary
  • Min Revenue
  • Website URL
  • Company Entity Type
  • Min Employee Count
  • Headquarters Street
  • Headquarters Postcode
  • Headquarters Continent
  • Hoover's Industry Description
  • SIC Code
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Location State
  • Location Country Name
  • Location Count
  • Revenue Range
  • Is Website Working
  • Company Legal Type
  • Employee Count Range
  • Headquarters City
  • Headquarters Country
  • DNB Industry Standard Code
  • LinkedIn Industry
  • SIC Description
  • LinkedIn URL ID
  • Location State Code
  • Location Country Region
  • Phone Number
  • Specialites
  • Is Website Related to Company

The process is straightforward: whether your starting point is a massive dump of company domain names from your Salesforce or a list LinkedIn URLs you've scraped for an outbound campaign, these new features are designed to transform information into a detailed view of a company’s profile. And we understand that data isn’t always as clean as we’d like it to be, which is where our Extract Domain feature comes into play to help clean and standardize your data (find it under the Data > Data Cleanup menu).

Upload a sheet of organization or company URLs to get started.
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Harmonizing Data for Comprehensive Insights

What’s truly exciting about these new features is how they complement our existing person email enrichment capability. This creates a harmonious data ecosystem within Gigasheet, allowing you to enrich a person’s LinkedIn URL and then delve deeper into the company’s background with our new company enrichments. It’s this kind of layered insight that can provide a richer, more nuanced view of your sales landscape.

Exploring the Depths of Company Data Enrichment Information

With these enhancements, we’re not just scratching the surface. You’ll gain access to an array of detailed company information, from basic details like size and legal structure to more nuanced data like industry classifications and digital presence. This breadth of information is aimed at enriching your understanding and strategies, providing a solid foundation for targeted engagement and informed decision-making.

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Why This Matters

When it comes to B2B sales and revenue operations, the right data can be the difference between a missed opportunity and a meaningful connection. Our strengthened partnership with RevenueBase, underscored by these new enrichments, reflects our commitment to equipping you with the tools necessary not just to navigate but to thrive in a data-driven world.

As we move forward, it's these steps, both big and small, that keep us true to our mission of making data more manageable and meaningful. I encourage you to explore these new features and discover their potential impact on your strategies and success. Stay tuned for more enhancements and additional capabilities in the future!

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