What's New With Gigasheet: April Round-Up

We've made a number of exciting new updates to Gigasheet over the past weeks, and we thought they deserved a good old-fashioned round-up.

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Import your files from GDrive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, or via SFTP!

Gigasheet UI

We've heard from so many people that they want to make the process of adding data easier, and avoid the download-to-local-machine/upload-to-Gigasheet workflow that was taking too much time. So we're pleased to announce you can now import your data directly into Gigasheet from the cloud-based folder where it lives.

Gigasheet UI

The integrations with Google, Microsoft, Box, and Dropbox are rolling out soon.

Filter by Flagged Row!

You have long been able to flag rows during an analysis as Good/Suspicious/Bad.

Now, you can now filter by Row Flag. This makes it much easier to find the rows in your data you felt deserved more attention.

RegEx Searching in the Find-in-File Box!

We've added increased capability to the Filters, adding a toggle that allows Regular Expression searches (RE2 syntax) . This dramatically increases the power of how to search giant CSVs, JSON datasets, PCAP files, and so on.

Granular Column Export!

So many users come to Gigasheet to filter down giant data sets into more manageable files. They've long done this by filtering to a subset of rows; it can now be done with columns as well. Like rows, we'll now only export out the columns that are part of the current view.

Full Export is available to users with Gigasheet Premium.

And that's not all!

We've redesigned the My Files area to the new Library design, making it easier to work with your files and folders, see your storage usage, and chat with us. We've added the Change Data Type function, allowing you to convert columns values to work with them in a different way (say, force strings as numbers to do math). We've added support for uploading AWS Cloudwatch logs in their native format. We've fixed a bunch of nagging UI bugs. And if you haven't noticed, we even got a fancy new logo.

It's all very exciting. Want to be part of this rocket ship? Come work with us!

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