Automate and Collaborate on Big Data

Once the data is loaded, sharing and collaboration is easy. Work with colleagues within your organization, or securely share deliverables with clients. Repeat the same steps often? Save your filters to create templates that streamline repetitive workflows.
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Make recurring analysis easy with Saved Filters

Do you find yourself doing the same spreadsheet filters over and over on a refreshed version of the data? Saved Filters are for you! Apply complex logic to new data sets with just a click.
Gigasheet UI highlighting how to set and save a filter query to be reused.
Gigasheet UI highlighting options to Save, Share, Export and Rename sheets
Gigasheet UI highlighting easy to use Save as New Sheet tool

Collaborate internally or externally

No Code or SQL Needed: Gigasheet makes it easy to search and filter multi-million row data sets
Easy Groups: Easily bucket your results using groups and perform aggregate calculations with a click

The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, at cloud scale.

No Code
No Database
No Credit Card
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