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Pivot tables are a great way to summarize data by grouping it into rows and columns and then outputting the results of a calculation such as sum or count for each data grouping. Most popular spreadsheet tools require a set up process for pivot tables, that acts a barrier to entry for this amazing tool. At Gigasheet, we want everyone to be a data expert, so we made pivot tables easy.

How easy? Well, simply click the "Pivot Mode" toggle to activate a pivot table.

Once in pivot table mode, will notice the raw data in your grid disappears. Gigasheet will populate your screen with aggregations once you populate all 3 boxes of the pivot table. To do this, simply grab indiviual columns and drag them down into the three boxes on the right pane, creating groups and aggregations. The fields are:

  • Row Groups

  • Sum of Values

  • Column Labels

Once you have all three populated, you will notice that the grid is populated with calculated values instead of raw data.

You can add multiple fields to the Row Groups box, creating groups within groups. Only one field can be added to the Column labels box.

Pro Tip: If you want to reorder values across the column groupings, just drag them into the desired order.

Here is an example of a populated pivot table on Olympic gold medalists.

The Pivot Mode toggle is all it takes to activate pivot tables
Pivot table with country Row Groupings, year Column Labels, and Sum of Gold Medals as the calculation.

If you want to change the calculation, click on the field in the Sum of Values box. This will make a box appear where you can choose a different caclulation for your aggregation.

For numeric fields, the default calculation is a sum, or total. For text fields, the default calculation is a count. Change your calculation as many times as you need in order to get the answers you need from your pivot table!

Pivot tables are a powerful tool for exploring data. Rather than viewing raw data, pivot tables transforms your data by showing the results of calculations within groups.

Change the calculation for the aggregation by clicking on the field name in the Sum of Values box

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