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Adding data to Gigasheet is as simple is clicking the Add Data button. Your first time into Gigasheet, you will see that your file list is empty and the Add Data button will be front and center. 

After that, you can click the +NEW button in the top right corner of the files page and then select File Upload or Folder. Gigasheet is designed to handle large files that are too big for other applications, so bring those big data sets.

Click Add Data to begin uploading files
Click NEW to begin uploading files

Once selected, an upload window will appear with your list of files and display the progress of the upload. If more than one files were selected, they will each appear in the window until all uploads complete. If you need to pause the upload, click on the file image.

Once uploads are complete, you will be taken to the Gigasheet Library. This is a list of all files that you have loaded or exported to Gigasheet. Notice the Status column, as files are available to view once the status moves to "processed". Gigasheet will automatically determine your file type and parse your data for viewing. 

Click the file to view and a new tab will open for the fun to begin!

Loading your first file to Gigasheet is a breeze thanks to the File Upload tool. You can select from a variety of source options. This article explains how to upload a file from your computer, but Gigasheet also supports the most popular cloud storage options.

Gigasheet Uploading Screen

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