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  • Anubhav Awasthi

How to Prevent Marketing Emails from Going to Spam

"Congratulations! You have won, and here is your free guide to analyzing spam emails."

Imagine you receive an email with the above subject. Will you click on it or mark it as spam? Chances are your email service provider will have already sent it to spam or junk mail!

Spam emails were once a huge issue, but today email service providers use AI and machine learning to detect spam, and they do not even make it to most users' inboxes. But spam protection is a double-edged sword – a boon for users, but a bane for marketers.

Email marketers have an ongoing struggle to frame their emails in such a way that the email provider does not mark them as spam. Understanding what causes emails to be marked as spam is crucial in the present email marketing landscape.

In this blog, we will use Gigasheet, a no-code data science app, to analyze spam emails. Our spam email data analysis on a set of spam emails revealed patterns that can help you identify what factors decide whether your emails will see your audience's inbox or spam folder.

Our top 3 recommendations to prevent marketing emails from going to spam are:

  1. Protect Your Sender Reputation

  2. Don't Write Spammy Subject Lines

  3. Purge Inactive Addresses

How to Avoid Marketing Emails From Going to SPAM

1. Protect Your Sender Reputation

First, did you know that you even have a sender reputation? Well, you do! And the email provider is going to use it to decide to let you into your target inboxes. The reputation is comprised of two parts:

Email Marketing Program

Your email marketing program, or marketing automation tool is not a place to cut corners. If you found a great deal on a bulk email program, it may be too good to be true!

Email providers look at the IP addresses where emails are coming from, and if they are known to have spam complaints, then they will flag other senders from that address, even if their activities are above board. Simply put, you could be guilty by association!

There are plenty of options available these days, so choose an email program that is reputable. Many top email programs have built in tools to prevent spam triggers. That's a good sign that your shared companions may be following the rules.

Email Sender Reputation

Now that you have a reputable email marketing program, it's time for you to do your part to build your credibility. Your email sender reputation is a score that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns to an organization that sends emails. The higher the score, the more likely the ISP will deliver your email to the target inbox!

Your email provider will also keep track of your activities. If they see you sending spammy emails, then you will be deprioritized even amongst your shared companions.

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to only email folks that have opted into your email list. There are also legal reasons, such as GDPR in Europe, why you should only email those folks who have opted in.

But there is even more that you can do! A lot of folks will sign up to your lists with a fake, or "burner" email address. Why waste time emailing these folks? You can use an Email Verification tool to automatically determine which emails are disposable. Gigasheet offers a free email verification enrichment that you can try today!

The enrichment will tell you whether an email address comes from an:

  • Organization - The email address belongs to a company, school, or other type of organization that has a registered domain

  • Free - The email address is from popular free email tools such as Gmail, yahoo, iCloud etc., and is likely a personal email address

  • Disposable - The email address is from a known disposable email address provider. This likely is not the lead's primary email address

Lastly, you can go one step further and perform an email validation. This will actually reach out to the email in question and validate whether it is real or not! It is the only way to be 100% sure that you are targeting real email addresses.

Email Validation requires payment since it is an actual service. There are plenty of options online, and many offered inside your email marketing program. We are partial to Abstract API's industry-leading email verification API, which you can run on your data in Gigasheet.

2. Don't Write Spammy Subject Lines

In this section we are going to walk you through an analysis of spam emails using Gigasheet in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: Upload Your File

First of all, we need to upload our file to Gigasheet. Head over to and log in to your account. You can log in using Google, Microsoft, and GitHub for seamless login.