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Jul 12, 2023

Use Gigasheet and Zapier to Automate Cybersecurity Reporting from Newslit

Hey there! In my previous blog post, I showed you how to set up an automated workflow using Shuffle, which is a super cool SOAR platform. It's time to roll up our sleeves and get down and dirty with two incredible tools: Zapier and the Gigasheet API.

With Zapier, you can create these things called "Zaps". They're like your own little minions that handle tasks for you. These clever fellas can make things happen between different web applications when certain conditions are met. It's a fantastic way to streamline your processes and save time by automating repetitive tasks.

Zapier supports a massive collection of popular apps, including Gigasheet. Gigasheet is a powerful spreadsheet tool that enables you to manipulate and analyze data in a user-friendly interface. With Zapier, you can effortlessly link Gigasheet to a wide range of cool apps, enabling you to automate tasks and free up valuable time for the things that truly matter to you. Best of all, you don't need any coding skills to get started. Pretty cool, huh? Well, without further ado, let's dive right in and get started!

Automate Your Cybersecurity Reporting

This blog aims to create a comprehensive database comprising cybersecurity media intelligence reports. First, We’ll retrieve data from Newslit, a media intelligence platform for real-time monitoring and analysis of news articles and social media posts. Our next step will be to publicly share the database on Gigasheet. So even if your pals don't have a Gigasheet account, they can still check out your stuff by simply clicking that link. No account? No problemo!

In the illustration below, two key components of the Newslit and Gigasheet integration zap are displayed: trigger and action. Whenever a cybersecurity media intelligence report is generated in Newslit, a new row will be automatically appended to the Cybersecurity Media Intelligence Database in Gigasheet. It’s like Magic! It guarantees seamless integration and convenient accessibility of your reports in a centralized location.

Streamlining Cybersecurity Reporting: Newslit and GigaSheet Integration Zap Supercharging Cybersecurity Reporting with Newslit and Gigasheet integration in Zapier

Streamlining Cybersecurity Reporting: Newslit and Gigasheet Integration Zap

Let's shift our focus to the Gigasheet Action component shown in the figure below. Each row in the Gigasheet database represents a compilation of information in JSON format. The data encompasses the title, URL, source, summary, publication date, and author of the content. The sheet handle serves as a distinctive identifier for a specific sheet within Gigasheet. It is basically the last element of the URL path:

Exploring the Gigasheet Action Component Supercharging Cybersecurity Reporting with Newslit and Gigasheet integration in Zapier
Exploring the Gigasheet Action Component

The resulting sheet looks great! Right now, it's packed with over 50 Cybersecurity Media Intelligence Reports, and it keeps expanding with new rows popping up daily. Check out everyday! I hear you're wondering about the storage space in Gigasheet. Don't worry at all! The premium version of Gigasheet can handle CSVs with over 1 billion rows or 50 GB. That's a whole lot of room to work with!

CyberSecurity Media Intelligence Database: Gigasheet Spreadsheet Supercharging Cybersecurity Reporting with Newslit and Gigasheet integration in Zapier
Cybersecurity Media Intelligence Database: Gigasheet Spreadsheet

Securely Export and Share Your Gigasheet Data with Pre-Signed URLs

If you wish to maintain the privacy of your Gigasheet data and only share it with trusted individuals or organizations, you have the option to generate a pre-signed URL within Gigasheet. Rest assured, Gigasheet seamlessly incorporates AWS and leverages pre-signed URLs, offering advantages such as secure file sharing, temporary access control, and direct file access.

To generate a pre-signed URL and export your Gigasheet data securely, simply switch the event to "Export to URL" and make a few updates in the "Action" tab. Add the sheet handle (the last string in the sheet URL) and specify the desired name for the exported file in the "File Name" field. Easy peasy!

After executing the workflow, Gigasheet will provide you with a lengthy pre-signed URL. This URL acts as a protected pathway to your Gigasheet data, granting temporary access to it. With this pre-signed URL, you have the flexibility to share your data exclusively with trusted folks, while maintaining complete control over who can access it.

Generating Pre-Signed URLs in Gigasheet for Privacy and Controlled Access Supercharging Cybersecurity Reporting with Newslit and Gigasheet integration in Zapier
Generating Pre-Signed URLs in Gigasheet for Privacy and Controlled Access

Optimizing Analysis and Organization with Gigasheet Filters in Zapier

Want to weed out unnecessary information and focus on what matters? Gigasheet filters have got your back! You can easily filter rows based on specific values, dates, or even text patterns. Say goodbye to irrelevant data cluttering your spreadsheets! You've got all sorts of cool actions to play with like column ID, filter value, starting row, ending row, case sensitivity, and filter type.

But wait, there's more! With Gigasheet filters, you can also cherry-pick the columns you want to include or exclude. Streamline your data presentation and keep things organized with just a few clicks.

Need to dive deeper? No problem! Gigasheet  filters offer advanced options like combining multiple criteria using logical operators (AND, OR) and setting up complex conditions. Customize your filters to fit your exact needs and get the insights you're after.

By making the most of the Gigasheet filters, you'll ensure that only the data you care about is processed and stored in your Gigasheet spreadsheet. Save time, effort, and headaches when it comes to managing and analyzing your data. Let Gigasheet handle the heavy lifting while you focus on what's important.

Data Filtering Made Easy: Gigasheet App Filters at Your Service Supercharging Cybersecurity Reporting with Newslit and Gigasheet integration in Zapier
Data Filtering Made Easy: Gigasheet Filters at Your Service!

Final Thoughts on the Powerful Synergy between NewsLit and Gigasheet

We did it! We've officially hooked up NewsLit and Gigasheet in the Zapier realm. Now, let's fully embrace the art of laziness (in a productive way!) and relish in the seamless integration and effortless automation of data management and news delivery. With this powerful integration, analyzing and deriving insights from your data has never been more convenient.

Time to unleash your inner automation wizard! So go ahead, sign up and join the Gigasheet party – you won't regret it! Need to automate spreadsheets? We're here to help you out!

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