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Apr 10, 2024

Customer Story: Salesforce Territory Planning

A successful FinTech company, with over 1,000 employees, was having challenges with Salesforce reporting and needed an easy-to-use tool to enable their Revenue Operations team to work with large data sets. While internal Business Intelligence teams have the tools to assist, they don't always have the time when the need arises. Enter Gigasheet, the big data spreadsheet that provides the business users the power of a database in the familiar interface of a spreadsheet.

Opening Large Datasets for Territory Planning

When working on territory planning, all accounts in Salesforce need to be considered using the most up to date information. This requires a fresh pull of data each time territory planning is performed, but with over 2M rows, native Salesforce reporting simply freezes and cannot export the entire data set. Even if they could, the files are too big for Excel, which is limited to 1M rows of data

Rather than asking the Business Intelligence team to export files and loading them to a database, the Revenue Operations team can use Gigasheet to connect directly to Salesforce and load up to 1 billion rows of data. The data can then be filtered, sorted, and grouped using a familiar spreadsheet interface.

Territory planning activities such as grouping the territories, summing up the account values, and working on even distribution of accounts can all occur within Gigasheet. The Revenue Operations team can then share the proposed territories with Sales Managers using the Share feature and comments to collaborate on the file, without ever having to download a copy.

Since territory planning is something that happens on a quarterly basis, the Salesforce imports can be scheduled in advance. When the time comes, the Revenue Operations team simply logs in and refreshes the analysis. No more tickets to the BI team!

salesforce territory planning in Gigasheet

Analyzing Deal History via the Change History Report

The scheduled loads of data into Gigasheet are also used to capture Opportunity data from Salesforce on a weekly basis. By capturing snapshots of the data and comparing the files for differences, it is easy to report on what has changed over time and create a Change History Report. This is especially useful to the Revenue Operations team who is responsible for sales forecasting and provides an easy-to-use tool for following up on deals that are stuck.

While Salesforce does offer a native Field History Tracking feature, it is limited to only 2,000 rows at a time. Large sales teams easily require more fields than the native feature can offer. Since Gigasheet can handle up to a billion rows of data, it can do whatever is required. 

The most beneficial feature of the Gigasheet Change History Report is that all the data is combined into a single sheet and grouped by sales rep and opportunity. By expanding a deal, each change over time is represented by a single row. It is amazingly easy to track the changes over time by simply scanning the file. This has been a useful extension of CRM reporting for the Revenue Operations Team.

Here is a sample Change History Report:

Data Enrichment from ZoomInfo

Another benefit of using Gigasheet with Salesforce has been the enrichment of CRM data from ZoomInfo. Territory planning requires updated data, and keeping a CRM up to date is always a challenge. While there are native options, it is often easier to do these operations at scale. 

By downloading ZoomInfo data into a sheet, it can be accessed by a familiar VLOOKUP back into the Account and Opportunity files. This can be used to identify duplicate records and update stale data. These files can be exported from Gigasheet and uploaded back into Salesforce using the data loader. 

Enriching data in Salesforce

Final Thoughts on Salesforce Territory Planning

From simplifying reporting on the full database, to complex reporting of snapshots, to enriching the CRM with ZoomInfo data, Gigasheet has helped make Salesforce territory planning more efficient at a top FinTech company.

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