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Group Data

Gigasheet helps individuals and teams quickly analyze massive, varying data sets without lengthy setup and complicated configuration. Groups allow you to quickly segment rows, or pivot in your data sets.

Grouping organizes rows by a specified categorical column, and collapses rows that meet the specified criteria. Groups provide similar functionality to traditional pivot tables, but are easier to navigate. To the right of each group you'll see a count of the number of rows within the group.

Highlight of Group functionality in Gigasheet UI

You can create nested groups, and rearrange the group hierarchy via the bar at the top of the sheet, or in the Group panel.

Highlight of nested groups in Gigasheet UI

To create a Group, click the group icon at the top and select the column to group. Or, click on the column name and select "Group" from the menu.

Highlight of where Group function can be initiated in Gigasheet UI

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