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Import from AWS S3

Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) is home to most of the files uploaded by AWS’s cloud users as well as log files generated by its services. Gigasheet supports file upload from Amazon S3 via public or pre-signed URLs. Gigasheet is designed to handle large files that are too big for other applications, so bring those big data sets!

If you’ve enabled public sharing for objects in your S3 bucket, you can directly use that link to upload files to Gigasheet. For example, here’s an object for which has been enabled public access via S3 bucket policies and setting the appropriate object ACLs (more on this here).

Objects in Amazon S3 Bucket

To upload the file to Gigasheet, head over to your File Upload menu and select Link. Paste in the link and that’s it – your file will be uploaded if you configured public access properly.

Import from a Link

Though this is rarely the case for sensitive data as exposing it might incur other data privacy risks. To keep your data private and share it with trusted entities (like ourselves), you can create a pre-signed URL. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Select your file in the S3 bucket
  2. Press “Actions” and select on “Share with a pre signed URL”
  3. Enter minutes or hours for which you wish to expose the file with others. Anywhere between a 5 to 10 minute mark should be best
  4. Once you press “Create presigned URL”, the URL will be copied to your clipboard
Create a presigned URL

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