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Adding data to Gigasheet is as simple is clicking the Add Data button. Your first time into Gigasheet, you will see an empty file list and the Add Data button will be front and center. After that, you can click the +NEW button in the top right corner of the files page and then select "File Upload".

To connect Google Drive, select "Google Drive" from the upload menu and you will be prompted to "Sign in with Google".

Sign in to your Google account and a notifications page will appear saying "Gigasheet wants access to your Google Account". Hit "Continue" to grant Gigasheet permission to access Google Drive.

The permissions are necessary for you to upload your files to Gigasheet from within our website. Gigasheet does not access data other than the files/folders uploaded by you.

Import from Google Drive
Authorize Gigasheet for Google Drive

 Once permissions are accepted, you will be able to select files using the checkbox and then click "Select".

Fun Fact: You can upload multiple files and folders to Gigasheet from your Drive by selecting as many files as you’d like. The “Select” button will show the number of selected files.

Google Drive is perhaps the most commonly used storage provider due to direct integration with most Google services. You will need to sign in to Google, provide a few permissions, and then select the files to load into Gigasheet. Gigasheet is designed to handle large files that are too big for other applications, so bring those big data sets!

Select files to upload from Google Drive

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Import from Google Drive

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