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Jan 10, 2024

Run Ad Retargeting Like A Mega-Agency with Gigasheet Automation

Gigasheet's latest spreadsheet automation capabilities are transforming the way savvy businesses are punching above their weight when it comes to data-driven advertising strategies.

Imagine leveraging the simplicity of a spreadsheet interface combined with the power of a data warehouse, all streamlined to enhance your digital ad retargeting efforts - without a team of data engineers, database architects or expert coders required. In this blog, we'll explore a common use case that many of our clients face and how Gigasheet's Automation solution makes a significant difference.

The future of digital marketing isn't about throwing more money at the problem. It's about doing more with less, and Gigasheet is your rocket ship to that future. 

The Use Case: Streamlining Digital Ad Retargeting At Big Data Scale, Without Big Data Resources 

Digital ad retargeting is a critical strategy for marketers looking to re-engage with audiences across various channels. However, managing and analyzing the influx of data from these campaigns can be overwhelming. This is where Gigasheet's automation capabilities shine.

ad retargeting using Gigasheet automation

How The Gigasheet Retargeting Data Automation Works:

1. Real-Time Data Ingestion

Gigasheet receives impression data (unique identifiers) approximately every 10 minutes via Webhook from customer specified ad platforms (Meta, Google, streaming, etc.). This ensures that data is always fresh and up-to-date.

2. Intelligent Filtering and Data Management

As new data arrives, Gigasheet's automation intelligently checks against a master spreadsheet. This process determines whether the user identifier already exists in the retargeting list.

3. Seamless Data Append

If the identifier is new, it is automatically appended to the master sheet. This dynamic updating keeps the retargeting list current, without any manual intervention.

The customer then uses that constantly-updating master sheet to make overall marketing decisions, and decide if they want to retarget users on other channels. It sounds simple enough, but imagine updating a spreadsheet with millions of rows every 10 minutes!

Why Customers Use Cross-Channel Ad Retargeting In Gigasheet

Instant Data Access

Marketers can view and analyze the latest data at any point, offering immediate insights into campaign performance.

No Database Hassles

While Gigasheet can (and often does) integrate with databases and data warehouses, we eliminate the complexities of configuring and managing a database. Our intuitive spreadsheet-like interface is all you need.


Even as your data grows to warehouse-scale, Gigasheet scales with you, ensuring that your data management remains smooth and efficient. Spreadsheets like Google Sheets and Excel have their limits. Gigasheet allows you to work with up to 1 billion rows in a single sheet, and in 2023 alone we processed more than 7 trillion cells of customer data!

Actionable Insights for Optimization

Real-time data processing allows for quick adjustment and optimization of your marketing strategies, ensuring higher engagement and conversion rates.

How To Get Started

Gigasheet's automation capabilities represent a game-changer in the realm of digital marketing. By combining the ease of a spreadsheet interface with the robustness of data warehouse capabilities, we enable small teams to efficiently manage and analyze large-scale data for digital ad retargeting, just like a multi-billion dollar agency. Our solution not only saves time and resources but also provides real-time insights that are crucial for optimizing ad strategies and enhancing customer engagement. 

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The future of data-driven marketing means doing magnitudes more with less resources, and Gigasheet is at the forefront, delivering solutions that cater to resourceful teams of hustlers worldwide.

The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, at cloud scale.

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