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Feb 15, 2023

Big Data Analysis Without Breaking the Bank

“Everyone has a cloud database, and we must have one!” the CEO shouted.

“Sure, we need a team of data engineers, cloud architects, IT infrastructure specialists and an IT consulting firm to start this process,” the CTO explained.

“No,” the CFO groaned.

Although cloud architecture is scalable and convenient, it still comes at a high cost. A high six- figure enterprise data infrastructure isn't within reach for every company. Many are trying to keep up with the Joneses. They feel compelled to buy new tools and hire rare talents that can do machine learning and read the future in their sleep.

The hot-tech theme is getting old. People are just people. They want a big file to open within a sip of coffee and look at a JSON file without having to wait for a data scientist to rescue them.

Big data analysis tools don't have to be expensive.

Meet the Budget-Friendly Big Data Analysis Tool!

Gigasheet can open a huge file in a user-friendly interface without you spending a dime on a powerful cloud database.

It’s rare to have tech-savvy stakeholders, and a data engineer for every team to do ad hoc analysis whenever you want. Gigasheet can help.

I’m a business analytics manager, and Gigasheet has relieved so much of my stress. To simplify data project management, I practice Data Concierge Agile, where simple processes produce big results. Gigasheet is the embodiment of that concept.  

Let's see how it shines.

No-Code Data Exploration

I used to be proud of my canned queries for data exploration. It was quick and easy to share insights with stakeholders. Now I don’t need them.

Gigasheet takes it to the next level - it shows data in the Excel format without its tech limitations! Now I just set up Gigasheet for my stakeholders, and watch them use it in real time.

“Who are our top clients for this month?” they asked. 10 seconds later, they found the answer. It’d take me 5 minutes to do that in SQL. With Gigasheet, I can take a back seat.

big data analysis using filters

Project Management Simplified

It reduces collaboration time. It takes a lot of discussion to build a data warehouse. You need to understand what data every team has and connect the dots for them.

If you load them into a cloud data lake, you have a data swamp. You might spend hours and days understanding data with your stakeholders. It gets worse when your source data are JSON files.

When your data warehouse isn't ready, how do you show data to your stakeholders?

Guess what? Gigasheet can open a JSON file in a split second! It’s as if it knew all the data pain points and resolved them for you.

bib data analysis platform upload files

Dashboards Made Easy

People talk about Power BI as if anyone can just do it. You still need at least one data professional and a solid database for these visualization tools.

Even if you have the talents and resources, it takes time - time to configure it, time to learn the tools, and time to design the dashboard. What if your users just want to look at the files? These visualization tools, while incredibly powerful, have become overkill in many cases.

The interface of Gigasheet provides a summary function that is like a simple dashboard. There is no need to build one and fire up your backend pipelines when your users only want to download data into Excel.

big data analysis tool chart

When To Use Gigasheet

  • Use Gigasheet when you don’t have a data engineer on call.
  • Use Gigasheet when you want to do big data analysis but don’t want to break the bank on infrastructure of cloud tools.
  • Use Gigasheet when you just want to lay back and watch your stakeholders achieve self for their data insights.

Gigasheet gives companies the convenience and cost savings to start their big data journey right away.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now for free!


Mo Villagran is an experienced business analytics manager at Cambrex. She is well-versed in data analytics and the healthcare business across sectors, such as fraud detection, insurance pricing, and genetic research. Mo leads initiatives on reporting efficiency, analysis pipelines and cloud data architecture. At Cambrex, Mo established their first business analytics program and managed cross-functional teams to deliver ETL processes and analytic frameworks that provide actionable insights for stakeholders and clients. She aims to deliver a world-class customer/stakeholder experience in data analytics.

The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, at cloud scale.

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