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Sep 14, 2021

Bulk GEOIP Lookup With No Code, No Limits

GEOIP Lookup, or IP geolocation is method to identify the geographic location of a host via a variety of data collection mechanisms. Most geolocation services use network routing address tables of IPs assigned to organizations or internal GPS devices to determine this location IP. It's often difficult to determine the exact location because IP assignments change frequently, but companies like MaxMind have made it their business to become experts in this field. IP geolocation is often helpful for incident response, threat hunting and security operations investigations, but it can be difficult if you're working with a huge list of IP addresses.

In Gigasheet anyone can perform bulk GeoIP lookups in just a few clicks, and with no coding or scripts required. While most tools and web sites offer single or limited ad-hoc lookups, Gigasheet can enrich millions of IPs with GEOIP data. Simply upload your CSV, LOG or JSON file, click Enrich and select GEOIP. Gigasheet might be the easiest way to perform GEOIP lookups in bulk, especially if you're not a coder.

Free Bulk GEOIP Lookup

Bulk GEOIP Lookup In Gigasheet

After uploading and opening your file...

1. Click the column menu for an IP address column and select Enrich.

2. In the Enrichments popup check GEO IP and click Enrich Data.3. The geolocation data will appear in columns immediately to the right of the selected IP column.

That's it!

Gigasheet will add columns to the right of your IP column with any available information for the IP's Country, Country Code, City, County, Region, Latitude, Longitude, and GEOHASH.

If you don't have a Gigasheet account, you can sign up here!

The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, at cloud scale.

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No Database
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