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  • Ankit Vora

Bulk IP Lookup – The Easy Way to Lookup IP Addresses for Geo Targeting

Imagine this –

You run a SaaS company with thousands of users worldwide.

Next month, you're planning to host an event in New York City and are looking to invite your users.

So, you go ahead and roll out an invitation email to every single user in your database.

Yay! That’s great.

But there's just one mistake you made here.

If you’re planning to host an event in New York City, it doesn’t make sense to roll out an invitation email to users based in Asia or Europe, or other parts of the world far away from New York.

That doesn't make sense meme

Most SaaS companies, during sign-up, ask their users only for their name, email address, and payment information.

That’s all!

They don’t really require their users to share their location.

This means - you probably don’t know where your users are based.

Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily.

But what if you want to personalize your marketing campaigns based on the location of your customers when you don’t have access to their location in the first place?

How can you determine their location? The answer is simple: IP Address Lookup.

All you need is your customers’ IP addresses to personalize your marketing campaigns based on location. So – whether you want to invite your customers based in New York to a local event or run hyper-personalized advertisements, IP targeting is the way to go.

NOTE - If your customers are using VPN, then IP lookup tools will not be able to determine your customers’ location, but for the vast majority of internet users, it works great!

In the next section, we will show you how to get your hands on your customers’ location via their IP address lookup.

Bulk IP Address lookup for Geo Targeting

IP Targeting – Find Your Customers’ Location Using their IP Addresses

Single IP Address Lookup

You can easily find your customers’ location via their IP addresses using an Instant IP lookup service like WhatIsMyIPAddress, WhatIsMyIP, NordVPN IP Address Lookup, just to name a few.

These tools are brilliant. All you need to do is enter the IP address and you’ll get access to Internet Service Provider, Country, City, Hostname, Region/State, and Area Code in no time.

Here’s an example:

IP Address Lookup Software

Bulk IP Address Lookup

However, what if you want to look up thousands of IP addresses at the same time? If you have thousands of users, it doesn’t make sense to look up every single IP address one by one.

Well – you can use Bulk IP lookup tools like InfoByIP, ShowMyIP, or ipapi.

We generated 5,000 Random IPs to learn how well these tools work using IPVOID Random IP Generator. Below are the results of bulk IP address lookup from several popular tools.