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  • Ankit Vora

SEO Tools Comparison: Ahrefs vs. SEMRush vs. SpyFu vs. KWFinder

Let’s talk about those fancy SEO tools and their so-called perfect accuracy.

Do tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, SpyFu, and KWFinder provide users with accurate data? What is the difference between Ahrefs and SEMrush? What about SpyFu and KWFinder?

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news - they aren’t as accurate as most people claim them to be.

Here’s a big mistake most people make, especially non-SEO folks - they think of these tools as the “holy grail of truth.” But they are not. These tools are rather meant to be used as guidance. They show trends for common terms, but there is still opportunity out there, even if they say zero volume.

Allow me to present the evidence!

To do so, I am going to compare data from different SEO tools inside Gigasheet.

For those who are unaware of our platform, Gigasheet is a big data cloud spreadsheet platform with several exciting features like sorting, filtering, grouping and enchrihment.

Let's get started!

SEO Keyword Research Tools Data Comparison of  SEMRush vs Ahrefs

I Looked Up the Same Keyword on Ahrefs vs. SEMRush, KWFinder, and SpyFu

Millions of businesses use SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, KWFinder, and SpyFu. And you’re probably a part of one of them.

My favorite of the pack is Ahrefs. I use it a lot.

Recently, I had a call with Will, the Product Manager at Gigasheet, to discuss potential blog post ideas for the next quarter. I mentioned to him that I wanted to write about how companies can use Gigasheet to dive deep into their SEO competitive analysis data.

That’s when he proposed - “Hey Ankit! How about using Gigasheet to compare and analyze SEO keyword research data from different tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, KWFinder, and SpyFu?”

I was left awestruck! Genius idea, Will!

To begin with, I looked up the keyword – “customer success” on four different SEO tools (we didn’t have access to all these tools, so had to purchase a one-month subscription for demonstration).

Keyword Results from SEMRush

SEMRush Customer Success Keyword Results 2022

Keyword Results from Ahrefs

Ahrefs Customer Success Keyword Results 2022

Keyword Results from KWFinder

KWFinder Customer Success Keyword Results 2022

Keyword Results from SpyFu

SpyFu Customer Success Keyword Results 2022

Keyword Search Comparison Observations

  • According to SEMRush, the keyword “customer success” has a United States volume of 6.6K. However, on Ahrefs, it’s 6.2K. As you can see in KWFinder, it’s 6.7K – similar to what SEMRush displayed us. But SpyFu shows that it’s 4.8K. KWFinder 6.7k SEMRUSH 6.6k Ahrefs 6.2k SpyFu 4.8k

  • On SEMRush, the keyword difficulty for the keyword “customer success” stands at 74% - which, according to the tool, is hard to rank. It’s a generic keyword – so yes, I believe it’s hard to rank. Ahrefs shows the keyword’s difficulty is 67. On KWFinder, it’s 46, and on SpyFu – it’s 36. SEMRUSH 74 Ahrefs 67 KWFinder 46 SpyFu 36 Big difference, but these tools have their own way of measuring KD! According to Harsh Shah, SEO Specialist at Databox, “The scale of KW difficulty is measured differently in every tool, so relying on these tools to decide whether you should go with a keyword or not can be a disaster sometimes; so instead, you can check the SERP results and see if there are any relatively new or medium rank websites are ranking or not.”

  • The CPC across different tools also varied significantly. Ahrefs $9.00 KWFinder $8.10 SEMRUSH $3.97 SpyFu $3.25

Believe me now? But that’s not where I stopped my analysis. I wanted to dive deeper!

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