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Aug 10, 2023

Gigasheet at Salesforce Dreamforce 2023. See You There!

"Alright, Alright, Alright!" Are you headed to experience the magic of AI + Data + CRM in September?

Yes, I am talking about the one and only Dreamforce!

Well, so is Gigasheet. And it’s not to meet with the Salesforce Brand Partner, Matthew McConaughey. Though that would be fun, we are interested in meeting with you, fellow Sheetheads, to discuss using Salesforce and Gigasheet to unlock the power of your sales and marketing data.

If you are attending, please grab some time to meet up and we will see you there.

Top 3 Things to Try Using Salesforce and Gigasheet:

1. Automatically Connect Salesforce and Gigasheet

It’s easy to connect Gigasheet with the first ever SaaS company. Gigasheet supports scheduled report snapshots from Salesforce, as well as automated, comprehensive Salesforce history tracking. These solutions make it easy to rewind your Salesforce data, and Gigasheet can even summarize changes over time.

If you aren’t technical and need some custom workflows, leverage Zapier to trigger actions and move data between the systems/ Gigasheet's Zapier Integration allows for common sheet actions such as adding data, filtering, grouping, and exporting data. This can all be done without a line of code, so get that data flowing through the cloud!

Use Zapier to integrate Salesforce and Gigasheet

If you are more technical, skip the middleman and use the APIs directly. In this blog, we explore how to extract data from Salesforce for big data reporting in Gigasheet. You can export data on a schedule so you don’t have to start over from scratch each time. The API can append data to the end of your sheet in Gigasheet, ensuring that you always have the most recent data for reporting.

Use the Gigasheet API to extract Reports from Salesforce

2. Use Data Enrichment APIs to Ensure You Have the Latest Contact and Organization Information

Using Gigasheet’s custom enrichments, you can run any data enrichment API that you find on the internet without writing a single line of code. Yes, that means you, Marketing person! Plus, you can quickly run some of the most popular enrichments from companies like RevenueBase without any third-party license. Simply provide your column of email addresses Gigasheet will go through your entire sheet, appending firmographic data for each row. 

Once you are finished, push the data back into Salesforce for use by your sales teams. Data Enrichment fills in missing information on your existing records. This ensures that your Salesforce data remains comprehensive and up-to-date even as your contacts change jobs, companies, or locations.

Salesforce Data Enrichment

3. Create Reports Using Big Data

Salesforce is an amazing tool, but it seems like there is always something that you need to grab from an external system to finish your report. So, like the rest of us, you try to export the report from Salesforce, load it into excel, and run a VLOOKUP. And like the rest of us, you run into problems because excel starts to crash once you surpass a couple hundred thousand rows!

Well change your ways! Gigasheet can easily load up to a billion rows of data and run all the same tasks you are trying to accomplish in Excel:

  • Filter data on to only the relevant rows and remove any bad data
  • Remove Duplicate rows using one or more columns
  • VLOOKUP data from another sheet
  • Run formulas and calculations
  • Pivot tables

The only difference being, Gigasheet won’t crash your computer and you don’t have to download any massive files. Plus, you can easily share data with your team using Gigasheet, where big data delivery is easy!

Extra Credit: Schedule Salesforce Data Exports

Let’s Meet Up at Dreamforce 2023!

Whether you are a Gigasheet user, or just interested in learning more about using Salesforce and Gigasheet to handle your big data challenges, please schedule some time. We can even give you some of our funky swag because you can’t come home from Dreamforce without a suitcase full of junk to hand out to the kiddos.

The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, at cloud scale.

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