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Jun 2, 2023

30 Days of Data Enrichments: No Code Examples Recap

This is it! The final week of our 30 Days of Enrichments campaign. Even though we don't even have a full week of no code data enrichments to cover, we are going to link to every API that we covered below, so you can relive your favorite moments!

If you haven't been following along at home, we have spent the entire month of May detailing no code execution of data enrichment APIs. It is now possible for anyone to go online, find an API to run, and execute it using Gigasheet's Custom Enrichment feature. Yes, that means you can run APIs without writing code!

Before we recap the final week, here is are the previous weekly summaries:

  • Week 1 recap includes geolocation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Star Wars APIs
  • Week 2 recap includes fake data generation, Google Search results, food and nutrition, and Legend of Zelda APIs
  • Week 3 recap includes pollution, stocks information, cybersecurity, makeup, artwork, and breweries
  • Week 4 recap includes saying hello, technical information about websites, dictionary / thesaurus, cybersecurity, and lead verification

Final No Code Examples of Data Enrichment API's

Walkscore API

Walkscore API

The Walk Score API can be used to add information about how walkable any given address is. Simply pass in a street address and your data will be enriched with walkability information. Interestingly, higher walk scores have also been correlated with higher property values and lower mortgage default risk!

Repeat the process to customize the Walk Score API
Gigasheet email verification

Gigasheet's Email Format Check

Gigasheet has free built-in enrichments for email and IP addresses that are even easier to run than custom enrichments. Try using the free Email Format Check enrichment to validate email addresses a lead list. It will return format verification, domain, and the Alexa rank and disposition of the domain. Did I mention it's free?

Select the Gigasheet Email Format Check to perform email validation
Gigasheet Bulk IP Lookup

Gigasheet's GEO IP Enrichment

Gigasheet offers the most powerful bulk Geo IP Lookup on the web. While most sites limit your lookups to 10,000 records, Gigasheet can enrich up to a billion rows for free. Simply choose your IP address column and check GEO IP.

ready to execute bulk ip lookup using the Gigasheet GEO IP Enrichment
Gigasheet osint feed api

Gigasheet's OSINT Feeds

In addition to looking up physical locations of IP Addresses, Gigasheet can check to see whether the IP Addresses are on an OSINT threat intelligence feed. And it's also a free service, capable of running on a billion records.

using the Gigasheet OSINT Feeds Enrichment to check ip addresses against osint threat intelligence feeds

Abstract Email Validation API

Lastly, Gigasheet made it really simple to run the Abstract Email Validation API from within the product. Simply select the column containing email addresses, paste in the key that you obtained from Abstract, and hit Apply. Gigasheet will add a deliverability rating and score to your sheet, so you know for sure which email addresses are valid.

Insert Abstract API Email Validation Key

Custom Enrichments in Action

That wraps up our final week of our 30 Days of Enrichments campaign. Though this is the end of the campaign, this is really just the beginning as the possibilities are endless.

Have fun running those APIs! And if you need to see them in action, watch this video!

30 Days of Enrichments Recap Links

5/1 Clearbit Autocomplete API

5/2 ChatGPT ChatGPT API

5/3 Google Maps Address Validation API

5/3 Google Maps Distance Matrix API

5/3 Google Maps Directions API

5/3 Google Maps Places API

5/3 Google Maps Elevation API

5/4 SWAPI Star Wars API

5/5 Ziptastic Forward Geocoding

5/5 Ziptastic Reverse Geocoding

5/6 Faker API Fake Company Data

5/7 Experian Phone Validation API

5/8 Forward Geocoding

5/9 Open Food Facts Get A Product Nutri-score

5/10 APILayer Exchangerates API

5/11 Google Custom Search API

5/11 Hunter Email Verifier API

5/11 Hunter Email Finder API

5/11 Hunter Domain Search API

5/12 Aarav Borthakur Hyrule Compendium API

5/13 Makeup API Makeup API

5/14 The Metropolitan Museum of Art The Met API


5/16 Polygon Polygon Stock API

5/17 Open Brewery DB List Breweries API

5/18 CrowdSec CTI API

5/19 OpenWeather Air Pollution API

5/20 Spoonacular Spoonacular API

5/21 Magic: The Gathering Developers Cards API

5/22 Apollo People Enrichment

5/23 Hello, Salut! API

5/24 BuiltWith Domain API

5/25 SecurityTrails Details API

5/25 SecurityTrails Domain SSL Certificates API

5/26 API Ninjas Dictionary API

5/26 API Ninjas Thesaurus API

5/27 Gigasheet Email Format Check

5/28 Gigasheet GEO IP Enrichment

5/29 Gigasheet OSINT Feeds Enrichment

5/30 Abstract Email Validation API

5/31 Walk Score Walk Score API

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