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  • Ankit Vora

How to Merge CSV Files

Let’s say you want to merge data from 200 CSV files into one.

If only there were a way to do that in a few clicks, life would have been so much easier, right?

Well, there is.

How to Merge Multiple CSV Files into One Meme

But First -

If you’re someone who doesn’t know anything about Gigasheet, then here’s the approach you’ll probably take:

  1. Launch CSV files that you want to merge in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

  2. Create a blank CSV file – where you can paste the data copied from other CSV files one by one. Let’s call it the “Master CSV” file.

  3. Manually copy data from CSV files one by one and paste all of it to the Master CSV file.

First of all, it’s a lot of work. You’re literally launching CSV files one by one, copying data from them, and pasting it to the MASTER CSV file.

Now, if you’re planning to merge data from only a few CSV files, let’s say 3-5, then you can take the above-mentioned approach. But what if you have to combine data from a lot of CSV files into one?

Secondly, there is always a possibility of human error. If you decide to do it manually, you’ll likely miss out on a couple of rows. Or what if you paste a row on top of another; thereby eliminating a key row?

Gigasheet users are already using the platform’s “Combine” feature to merge multiple CSV files into one. And they’re saving so much time doing it. Let me show you how to do it!

Merge CSV Files

Merge CSV Files into One Using Gigasheet

Follow these steps to merge multiple CSV files into one using Gigasheet:

  1. Get All Your CSV Files Ready (Skip This Step If You Already Have the CSV Files with You)

  2. Sign Up for & Log in to Gigasheet

  3. Upload Your CSV Files to Gigasheet

  4. Merge CSV Files by Clicking a Button

Hate reading? You may find a video around the same topic from our founder Jason here:

Get All Your CSV Files Ready (Skip This Step If You Already Have the CSV Files With You)

To show you this incredible feature, we downloaded multiple CSV files from the “World Carbon Pricing Database” on GitHub. Here’s the database’s description on GitHub for better understanding:

Example CSV Files: World Carbon Pricing Database GitHub Description

This database comprises carbon pricing schemes’ institutional variables for numerous national jurisdictions. To show you Gigasheet’s Combine feature, we’ll merge data from all these CSVs into one.

You may find the GitHub project here. You can find the datasets at this location:

_dataset -> data -> CO2-> national


Multiple CSVs - World Carbon Pricing Database Files

If you want to try out this feature, you can download the same files from GitHub. However, if you’re not a regular GitHub user, you may find it challenging to download all these files from GitHub.

How to download from GitHub:

  • Step I – Navigate to the repository you want to download files from. It’s the folder where all your CSV files are located. You may locate all your files here. Copy the link of the repository.

  • Step II – To download all the CSV files at once, head over to

  • Step