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Collectible Sneakers

Sneakerheads and their thriving marketplace

About This Data

This data became available for the StockX sneaker data contest in 2019 and was sourced here. Unfortunately, this data only includes the sales of Yeezys and Off-White footwear. That being said, we can apply the knowledge we gained from this dataset to a broader one if we need to.  This dataset includes data from 9/1/17 to 2/13/19. It includes order date, brand, sneaker name, retail price, sale price, release date, shoe size, and buyer region.

Things to try in the data set:

Group Data

Roll data up into groups of values within a column to look for trends. Place groups inside of groups to drill down another level, then group again!

Filter Data

Use the filters to narrow down the file to the values that interest you most. Only show values that include, exclude, contain, or are greater than a value (to name a few). Then add another level of filtering with AND / OR logic to dive deeper.

Search Data

Not sure where to start? Use search to find values in the file and then go back and filter or group the entire data set down to just that value.

Spending by State

Shoe Size on Resale

Top Sneakers

Data Highlights

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Here are the top 5 spending states. 

  1. California - $9,253,624 

  2. New York - $7,316,727 

  3. Oregon - $3,606,621 

  4. Florida - $2,840,034 

  5. Texas - $2,451,756


Grouping by size allows us to see how size affects the after-market value of a pair of shoes. On average, the most expensive size is size 17. The cheapest size, on average, is size 5.5.


Here are the top 5 sneakers with the highest average after-market value. 

  1. Jordan 1 high OffWhite White - $1,826.07 

  2. Jordan 1 high OffWhite Chicago - $1,769.8 

  3. Adidas Yeezy boost 350 Turtledove - $1,531.66 

  4. Nike Air Presto OffWhite - $1,236.05 

  5. Adidas Yeezy boost 350 Oxford Tan - $1,011.51

Key Insights


“Sneakerheads are defined as individuals who collect, trade, and/or admire sneakers. In addition, most are knowledgeable about the history of sneakers, and are passionate about the nostalgic factors the sneakers possess”(source).

Either you know a sneakerhead, or you are one. They seem to be everywhere. With so much demand for limited sneakers, there must be some interesting numbers in there. Having an understanding of such a complicated and unique market may allow individuals to make some extra money, or snag a pair of sneakers for a good price. In hopes of understanding this market more, we provided you all with this wonderful stockx order dataset.  StockX is an online marketplace and clothing reseller, primarily of sneakers.

We highly reccomend you check out the data for your shoe size and region.