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What does it take to make the NBA?

About This Data

This data includes name, team, position, age, height, weight, college, and salary of all current NBA players from the 2021-2022 season. This data was found here.

With this information, we can look at all sorts of things. We can look at how height, or weight, can affect a player's salary. We can look at how different teams select players based on physical attributes differently. We can also look at what schools produce the best players, what schools produce the tallest players, etc. This information can also be compared to that of previous year to understand how the league is changing.

Things to try in the data set:

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Roll data up into groups of values within a column to look for trends. Place groups inside of groups to drill down another level, then group again!

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Use the filters to narrow down the file to the values that interest you most. Only show values that include, exclude, contain, or are greater than a value (to name a few). Then add another level of filtering with AND / OR logic to dive deeper.

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NBA Teams / Salary

Tallest Players

Average Height and Weight

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The top 5 schools with the most current NBA players are as follows: 

  1. Kentucky - 30 

  2. Duke - 27 

  3. Texas - 14 

  4. UCLA - 13 

  5. North Carolina - 13


Here are the top 5 tallest players currently playing. 

  1. Tacko Fall - 7'5" 

  2. Boban Marjanovic 7'4" 

  3. Kristaps Prozingis - 7'3" 

  4. Bol Bol - 7'2" 

  5. Luke Kornet - 7'2"


The average height for the top 5 tallest NBA teams are as follows: 

  1. Toronto Raptors - 6'6.8" 

  2. Oklahoma City Thunder - 6'6.3" 

  3. Miami Heat - 6'6.3" 

  4. Cleveland Cavaliers - 6'5.7" 

  5. Dallas Macericks - 6'5.6" The shortest average height NBA team is the Los Angeles Lakers. With an average height of 6'3.7"

Key Insights


The 2022 NBA Finals are here!

The NBA's 75th anniversary season features a throwback matchup with the Boston Celtics taking on the Golden State Warriors. The two teams were frequent playoff rivals in the 1950s and 1960s before the Warriors moved to California, and met in the 1964 NBA Finals.

The Warriors, led by Western Conference finals MVP Stephen Curry, are in the Finals for the sixth time in eight years, looking to win their fourth title since 2015. The Celtics and Eastern Conference finals MVP Jayson Tatum are making their first Finals appearance since 2010, when they lost to Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers in seven games. Boston hasn't won the title since 2008, and no one on the Celtics roster has ever played in a Finals game.(source)

Because such an important game 6 is upon us, we found it appropriate to provide the internet with some information on the current NBA players in the 2021-2022 season. We highly recommend you check out the stats for your own team.